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Photo Gallery

Cooking Class Pics Cooking Class Pics Puff Pastry Tart Puff Pastry with Goat Cheese, Basil, Tomato 195207561 Puff Pastry Tart Puff pastry Tart 195207560 French Cooking Class Cooking Class Table Setting 195207563 Spiral Veggie Noodles Spiral Veggie Noodles Pasta I simmered tomato sauce with onions and seasoning, then poured it directly over the raw noodles and voila! Great, nutrient rich (low calorie) dinner! 191037043 Spiral Veggie Noodles Spiral Veggie Noodles I am in love with this new Vegetable Slicer! 191037040 Spiral Veggie Noodle Dinner Spiral Veggie Noodle Dinner It twirls like pasta and tastes great 191037044 Profiterole Profiterole with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Sauce with Raspberry Garnish 195207564 French Cooking Class French Cooking Class with Jane & Kouros 195207565 Provencal Chicken Roast Chicken with Herbs de Province and Lemon Apricot Glaze 195207566 Roast Chicken Roast Chicken with Herbs de Province and Lemon Apricot Glaze 195207567 Cooking Class Table Setting 195207568 Asparagus Steamed Asparagus with Clarified Butter 195207569 Chestnut Pasta Cutting the Chestnut Pasta Dough 195302367 Cooking the Pasta Chestnut Pasta Cooking 195302370 Pasta Sauce Prep Preparing to Sautee the Vegetable for the sauce 195302371 Pasta The Pasta has been rolled out and cut and tossed lightly in flour. Ready to cook! 195302372 Sumptuous Chestnut Pasta Chestnut Pasta with Grilled Carrots, Corn and Carrot Sauce 195302368 Chestnut Pasta Dish Close Up 195302369 Pasta Roller Pasta Roller 195302373 Pasta Sauce Pasta Sauce, freshly juiced Carrot Juice 195302378 Making Pasta Dough Making the Pasta Dough 195302376 Grilling Vegetables for the Sauce Grilling the vegetables for the pasta sauce 195302379 Rolling the Pasta Dough Chestnut Pasta Dough being rolled out. 195302380 Mis en Place for Pasta Sauce More Veggies for the Pasta Sauce 198118002 Dim Sum Mixing Pork, Green Onions, Sesame Oil and other Ingredients 198117996 Siu Mai Making the Siu Mai. 198117997 Siu Mai Assembly Complete! The Siu Mai has been assembled and placed in the steamer basket 198118000 Steamer Basket Steamer Basket with Siu Mai- Ready to Steam! 198117999 Dim Sum Completed Beautiful Siu Mai- Steamed and ready to enjoy! 198117998 Prepping Portobello Burger Filling Prepping Portobello Burger Filling 198118003 Prepping Portobello Burger Filling Prepping Portobello Burger Filling 198118004 Portobello Burger Prep Assembly for portobello burger 198118005 Grilled Portobello Veggie Burger Delicious Grilled Portobellos stuffed with Grilled bell peppers, avocado and other seasoned vegetables 198118009 Flourless Chocolate Cake Flourless Chocolate Cake 198118006 Flourless Chocolate Cake Flourless Chocolate Cake 198118008 Pulled Pork Slider Pulled Pork Slider 198674240 Pulled Pork Slow Cooker, Pork Butt, Marinade equals sumptuous pulled pork! 198674241 Slow Roasted Pork Slow Roasted Pork 198674242 Slow Cooker Slow Cooker 198674243 Roasted Poblanos with Corn Risotto Roasted Green Poblano Peppers stuffed with Sweet Corn Risotto and Jack Cheese with Cilantro & Sour Cream 198691076 Fire Roasting Poblanos You can roast your peppers on your gas stove using a grill mat 198691072 Roasted Poblanos Poblanos are roasted and cooling. Next step, peel the roasted skin off the pepper 198691073 Sweet Corn Risotto Sweet Corn removed fresh from the cob and Risotto is done! 198691074 Almost done! Stuffing the poblanos with the risotto. I cut each poblano in half. 198691075 Roasted Poblanos with Corn Risotto Roasted Poblanos with Corn Risotto 198691077 Roasted Poblanos with Corn Risotto Roasted Poblanos with Corn Risotto 198691078 Corn Cakes Mis en Place 202274123 Corn Cakes 202274124 203716206 203716207 203716208 Cheese Crackers 203716211 Cutting out Cheese Crackers Ready to Bake 203716209 Rolling out Cheese Crackers Rolling out Cheese Cracker Dough 203716210 Preparing dough for Walnut Scones 203843458 Walnut Scones baked & Ready to Enjoy! 203843459 Preparing Artichoke Batter for Fritters 203843461 Deep Frying 1st Side of Fritters 203843460 Frying 2nd side of Fritters 203843462 Crispy Artichoke Fritters 203843463 Bread Making Class 204100826 Bread Making Class Ready to knead cheese into bread dough, yummmy!! 204100827 Bread Making Class 204100828 Bread Making Class Dough is Rising 204100829 Bread Making Class Initial Proofing of Dough 204100830 Dough Rising 204100831 Dough Making 204100832 Bread Making Creating Strand to make turban 204100833 Bread Making Turban 204100834 Baked Bread 204100835 Bread Ready! Cheese Bread with Rosemary & Sesame Seeds 204100836 Bread Making Class 204100837 Pasta Making Class RIcotta Gnocchi 204257466 Pasta Class 204257467 Pasta Class Initial Rolling of Dough 204257468 Pasta Class Placing Cheese Filling on Pasta for Ravioli 204257469 Pasta Class Rolling Sheets of Pasta for Ravioli 204257470 Pasta Class Kneading Dough for Gnocchi 204257471 Pasta Class Assembling & Cutting Ravioli 204257472 Pasta Class Home Made Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce & Crispy Sage 204257473 Pasta Class Making Gnocchi 204257474 Pizza Making Class 204367673 Pizza Class 204367674 Pizza 204367675 Pizza In Oven 204367677 Pie Making Gluten Free Crust with Granny Smith Apples, Cinnamon and Sugar 204560859 Pie Baking 204560860 French Cooking Class 204560861 Pie Crust Affixed- Ready to Bake 204560862 Prepping Pie 204560863 Puff Pastry Tart French Cooking Class 204560874 Pie Prep Completed 204560864 Successful French Cooking Class! 204560875 Parmesan Twists 204560876 Chicken Dijon with Thyme 204560877 Spring Greens Salad French Cooking Class- Mixed Greens Salad with Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes and Lemon Vinaigrette 204560878 204878213 204878214 204878215 204878216 204878217 Pot Pie Class Making the Veloute Sauce 205246144 Pot Pie Class 205246149 Pot Pie Class 205246146 Pot Pie Class Mixing Veloute Sauce into filling 205246148 Pot Pie Class Topping filling with Cheddar 205246145 Pot Pie Class Placing filling into crust 205246147 Pot Pie Class Place pastry crust on top, trim edges and crimp to seal 205246154 Pot Pie Class Top Pastry Crust is in place, crimped and vents cut. Egg Wash brushed on 205246152 Pot Pie Class Baking in oven. 205246151 Pot Pie Class Finished Pie 205246150 Pot Pie Class Close up. To see video and recipe go to my Blog Page on this site. 205246153 205259108 205259109 205259110 205259111 205259112 205259113 205259114 Truffle Ricotta PIzza Pizza Making Class! 205419845 Pizza with Roasted Peppers & Garlic Pizza Class, pick your own toppings! 205419846 Chicken Empanada Pie Cooking Class! 205419844 Chicken Empanada Pie filling Topped with Sharp Cheddar Cheese before crust is placed on top. 205419847 Hot out of the oven! Chicken Empanada Pie 205419848 Learning to Make Sous Vide Eggs Love those Sous Vided Coffee Shop Eggs? Try the best! Chef Susan's: Gruyere, Honey Baked Ham, Spinach & Tabasco 205442209 Pressure Cooking The secret to Sous Vide Eggs is a controlled temperature 205442210 Eggs Cooked and Removing from Cooker 205442205 Sous-Vide Eggs Tender, savory, cheesy deliciousness 205442206 Sous Vide Join for my Sous Vide Cooking Class in Jan 2019! Check out my Cooking Class Page and Register! 205442207 205442208 Chef Susan & Micky Mouse 206112679 Chef Susan Cooking Class 206112680 Chef Susan Guest Chef for Edible Orlando and the 2020 Orlando Home & Garden Show 206112681 Chef Susan 206112682 206112683 Chef Susan Ytterberg Guest Chef Appearance for Edible Orlando 2020 Orlando Home & Garden Show 206112684 Cooking Class 206213142 Chef Susan Cooking Classes 206213143 Mushroom Filling Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms 206213145 Chef Susan Ytterberg Public Cooking Classes 206213146 Cooking Complete 206213147 Chef Susan 206213148 Chef Susan 206213149 Chef Susan 206213150 Chef Susan Cuban Cooking Class 206213151 Chef Demo 206213152 Chef Susan Cooking Class 206213153 Chef Susan Public Cooking Class 206213154 FL Hospital Diabetes Center Guest Chef Susan Ytterberg Cooking Class 206213155