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Chef Susan Ytterberg- Guest Chef Speaker November 2019 Luncheon!

Posted on November 5, 2019 at 3:25 PM

Hi Readers, Chef Susan here! 

I was honored to be a guest speaker by invitation at the Orange Appeal Magazine's end of year 2019 luncheon at Bulla Restaurant in Orlando this past week!  The topic was Planning for a holiday party which nicely dovetailed with the article that I just wrote for them!

Here is an outline of my speaker notes and check out a small video clip in the link below of my presentation!

 Whether you’re a top home chef, a good home cook, or a professional Chef, planning for the holiday meals takes some creativity and thought! Remember, even with the best made plans, things can come up that could derail you but if you approach it with a sense of humor everything will work out!

 Thanksgiving Table Collapsed- my funny story reminding us to keep a sense of humor no matter what may happen!

 Traditional Recipes, Family Recipes, Gourmet

 Buffet or sit down?

 Start with Guest List

 Menu Planning

 Guest Food Allergies & Preferences

 Work Arounds for Vegan vs. Carnivore- Porcini Mushroom Risotto, Roast Asparagus with Fennel Pollen, Spring Greens with Apples & Pecans AND Roast Prime Beef Tenderloin

 Preplan for week prior to event up to date of your party!

 Pull Recipes

 Make Shopping List by category

 Plan for recipe Short Cuts

 Map out daily activities- Set table, Create Center Piece, Polish Silver etc/

 Give yourself permission to make things easier: Bakery for dessert, Cheese plate with grape garlands & Ciarcuitteri instead of canipes & blinis

 Easier- Instant Pot Pressure Cooker- how about my braised Short Ribs recipe with cherry basil glaze??

If you are planned, have created a menu you love then you can enjoy your event and not be caught in the kitchen!

See a snippet of Chef Susan speaking at the event here!  Click on the link below!:

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